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Developing top quality Show Jumping horses is an art whose success depends on an excellent start: scouting for potential and knowing how to select the cream of the crop. Uri Burstein, an accomplished horseman who has represented his country in international show jumping competitions, has honed his skills to become an expert equine talent scout.

Uri has many years of experience, demonstrating excellence as a top professional scout of show jumpers. He has worked with numerous clients from all over the world – including Olympic competitors and medalists. Uri’s ability to locate, identify, and test those horses with exceptional ability in the field is founded upon a highly professional method and a widespread network of international contacts.

He attributes his success to motivation, hard work, and, especially, influential partnerships. “I have been extremely fortunate to have wonderful partners that helped advance my career,” he explains. “Early on, I trained with Gabriel Coumans- a Junior National coach for both The Netherlands and Israel. “Gabriel is not only a fantastic rider and trainer, but is definitively one of the finest scouts I have ever met. He has scouted several Olympic horses in his long career. Our close friendship and partnership in recent years has contributed greatly to my knowledge and abilities.”

Uri also maintains strategic partnerships with his close friends, Vivien Schockemohle and Emanuele Camilli. “We perfectly complement one another with our combined experience and equestrian skills. I am proud to be the lead scout for such a talented team of professionals.”

This combination of contacts, experience, and know-how allow Uri access to the best show jumping horses available throughout Western Europe. His greatest emphasis when scouting and trying horses is on finding that just-right horse to fit the specific needs of each individual client.